Protect Your Home, Protect Your Family

You love your home and your family, and you want to protect both. Treated water protects against common issues around the home. And, it provides day-to-day comfort for the entire family!

  • Reduce Costs

    Save on hot water bills and appliance repairs.

  • Feel Great

    Get softer skin and silky hair.

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    Save Time

    Spend less time cleaning hard water scale and soap scum.

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    Use less electricity and water.

Water Treatment Solutions For YOUR Water

City or well water? We have solutions for both.

We’ll test your water to show you exactly what is in it… and what full-home solution is best for you.

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Meet Leaf Home Water Solutions

A Company of Leaf Home Solutions

As one of the largest home improvement companies in North America, our team of professionals applies decades of expertise everyday. Let us help you protect your home as well as the people that live in it. Invest in a brand known and celebrated for quality and dependability.

  • Leaf Home Water Solutions serves over 650,000 customers nationwide
  • Leaf Home Water Solutions offers quality solutions built to last
  • Leaf Home Water Solutions offers full service and support for all of its products
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