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Consumer Water Survey Reveals Home Water Testing Gap

February 22, 2024
Nicole McCauley
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More than half of respondents have never had their water tested although 68% are aware of hard water’s potential negative effects

In the Leaf Home 2022 Consumer Water Quality Survey, over 1,000 homeowners across the U.S. were polled to better understand public knowledge and opinions about home water and its impact on health, personal care, home fixtures, appliances, and sustainability. Survey respondents were also asked if they’ve had their water tested. The survey revealed a gap: Most are aware of hard water’s negative effects, but more than half have never had their water tested to see if there are issues to address.

The survey’s topline findings include the following:

  • 68% of respondents are aware of the negative impacts of hard water; 32% are unaware
  • 55% have never had their water tested; 12% are not sure if they’ve had a test
  • 33% have had their water tested; of this group, 43% were tested over five years ago

For homeowners using city or municipal water sources, the top concerns about home water ranked as follows, in order of most concerning: iron/discoloration, hard water, odor, taste, and water contaminants. Those with well water ranked odor and contaminants higher in their list of concerns. More than 40% of all respondents consider their home’s water to be a factor in skin and hair quality. Women are more likely to be aware of that impact than men by 54% to 46%.

In addition to the testing gap, the survey revealed that 61% of respondents drink water straight from the tap, and 64% of that group either haven’t had their water tested or are unsure whether they have. The survey also found that 59% of respondents use single-use plastic water bottles. Of these water bottle consumers, 46% use single-use plastic water bottles up to 25% of the time. Of those who use only water bottles at home, 63% are aware of the impact of hard water, but 38% have no water filtration system. Of that group, 39% cited high cost as the reason they don’t have a water filtration system.

“These survey results clearly show the disconnect between people’s water quality concerns and the actions they’ve taken to address them,” said Tim Dunphy, Product Lead, Water Solutions at Leaf Home. “The vast majority of people surveyed are aware that hard water can cause buildup that clogs pipes, shortens home appliance life, and negatively affects hair and skin quality. They also know their health can be affected by contaminants, but they have yet to take the next steps to get their water tested and treated.”

The company’s brand, Leaf Home Water Solutions™, offers free water testing and professional consultation to help homeowners address common water issues, including hard water, rusty water, “rotten egg” smell, foul taste, viral contamination, sediment, chemical contamination, high energy costs, cloudiness, and lead. The type and quantity of contaminants in the water will determine the best water treatment system. Request a free water test at

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Download the full survey findings here.

Stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable insights into home water quality issues. The 2024 Consumer Water Quality Survey is coming soon, packed with new findings to help you make informed decisions about your water usage and treatment. Check back for the 2024 results findings.