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Hard Water: The Silent Beauty Killer

January 30, 2024
Thaddeus Ducker
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A lot of things can ruin your beauty routine, but have you ever thought of water as being one of them? You may already know that not drinking enough water affects your skin, but what about the water you cleanse with, sometimes multiple times a day? Yes, the water that comes out of your showerhead and faucet could be sabotaging that expensive new hair color or facial treatment. But the good news is, there are steps you can take to prevent this.

First off, what is hard water?

Hard water is water with a high level of minerals suspended in it, namely calcium and magnesium. While these minerals are not inherently dangerous, they can create a problem for your appliances, hair, and skin. If you see chalky spots on your dishes, ugly stains in your sinks, tubs, or toilets, or if you notice your clothes or towels feel rough, you may have a hard water problem! To find out for sure, you can contact your city’s water company, or get a free test from Leaf Home Water Solutions.

Yikes! What is it doing to my hair?

Remember those minerals we mentioned before? They react with your shampoos and conditioners to reduce their effectiveness. This means if you are investing in higher-end products, hard water is rendering them useless. The minerals can also mix with the shampoo to form a salt and leave residue on your hair and scalp. Once this residue is formed, it blocks your conditioner from doing its job, which is to moisturize your hair. The result is brittle and dry hair that is prone to breakage. If the breakage continues for an extended period, the hair will eventually start to thin.

The damage doesn’t end there. Those pesky minerals will also cause color-treated hair to fade quicker, meaning you end up taking more trips to the salon and spending your hard-earned money. Those same minerals can also interact with the chemicals in the dye to change the color. And if all of this isn’t enough, hard water can also make your hair harder to style. That blowout you just spent 30 minutes doing doesn’t stand a chance against hard water.

I’m afraid to ask about my skin

We don’t blame you. In the same way that hard water and shampoo cause build-up on your hair and scalp, hard water and your cleanser are doing the same thing—on your face. The buildup causes clogged pores, which can lead to acne and even eczema.

But hard water doesn’t need to interact with soap to ruin your perfect skin goals. It strips away the natural moisture from your skin all on its own, leaving it dry and more susceptible to premature aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

Make it Stop!

Those who have hard water aren’t doomed to a life of dry skin and hair and moving to an area with soft water is not the only option. Depending on the quality of your water and your budget, there is a water solution that is right for you!

recently installed faucet for a reverse osmosis water system

Water Treatment Options For Every Home

At Leaf Home Water Solutions, we offer the most comprehensive selection of water treatment products anywhere. With conditioning, filtration, softening, and more, our team is able to correct water chemistry in homes with municipal water and private wells alike.

I’m listening

Water softeners were made for this exact purpose! A water softener will remove all the bad minerals that cause hard water throughout your entire home. Leaf Home Water Solutions offers you two options, and a water expert will help you choose the one that is right for you. Plus, you get a completely free water test with instant results! Water softeners are a great way to ensure water that flows through any faucet, showerhead, washer, and dishwasher in your home is rid of those annoying minerals.

There are other options (but none as all-encompassing as a water softener). Try searching online for showerheads that will filter hard water before it touches your newly colored strands. You can also use a clarifying shampoo to help wash away the residue that hard water leaves behind on your scalp and hair. As for your face, try washing it less-frequently and using a soap-free, gentle cleanser. It also doesn’t hurt to use a rich moisturizing lotion to combat the dryness hard water can cause.

Hard water can affect your hair and skin in unexpected ways, but the good news is that you don’t have to live with it!

About Leaf Home Water Solutions

We strive to present a custom solution for your home, with your needs and budgets in mind. Backed by the strength of one of North America’s largest home improvement companies, you can feel reassured that you are working with the best team and getting the best products available on the market. With a distinguished digital water test and systems designed to meet the needs of your home, you can feel confident that you and your family are getting the crispest, purest water possible. Plus, our friendly customer service team is always ready to help should any issues arise down the road. Protect your home and family from the effects of hard water and get a custom solution today!