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UV System Defense

Our UV system delivers clean water that’s free of disease-causing microorganisms throughout your home.

Common Water Problems


Features & Benefits

Ultraviolet disinfection protects against problematic organisms like bacteria and viruses without the use of harmful chemicals

Optimized For Your Water
Delivers high-quality water for homes with city or well water

Eliminates Worries
Avoid stressing over local boil water alerts

Filter Out Sediment
Rest assured that your unit also reduces particulates like rust, sand, and dirt

Is a UV System right for me?

  • Improves water quality without the use of chemicals
  • Does not add tastes or smells to your water
  • Protects against potentially dangerous living organisms
  • Perfect addition to any city or well water system

Product Overview

Our UV system is a superb add on for any whole home system, as it works to improve water quality without altering the taste and smell of the water.


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Featuring a Catalytic Carbon Media filter that’s more effective than standard carbon, descaling media filters, and a “two-in-one” setup, this compact system is ideal for improving water quality in homes with municipal water.

How Our Process Works

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