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Advanced Water Filtration

Our water filtration system delivers clean, healthy, better-tasting water to your entire home.

Common Water Problems

Foul Tastes
Rotten Egg Smell
Rusty Water

Features & Benefits

Low to no Maintenance
Salt-free options available for less mess
Peace of Mind
Upflow Regeneration With Smart Valve Technology provides hassle-free cost and water savings with innovative, high-efficiency usage features.
Sleek, Compact Design
One state-of-the-art system does the work of two to take up less space in your home
Reliable Power Back Up
Self-charging 48-hour battery back-up
User-Friendly LCD Display
Navigate settings with ease

Is a Water Filtration System right for me?

  • Improves water taste, smell, and color
  • Reduces contaminants like sulfates and organic matter
  • Reduces soap scum buildup
  • Reduces scale buildup

Product Overview

THE CTO COMBO: Conditioner + Taste & Odor Filter is ideal for homes on chlorinated, hard municipal water. This one-of-a-kind, salt-free combination system provides high-quality water by combining a descaling conditioner and carbon filtration units in a space saving, one-unit design. The CTO Combo inhibits and removes existing scale buildup in addition to bad tase and odor caused by chlorine, chloramines or organic matter.


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Featuring a Catalytic Carbon Media filter that’s more effective than standard carbon, descaling media filters, and a “two-in-one” setup, this compact system is ideal for improving water quality in homes with municipal water.

How Our Process Works

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